Machiel Evert Noordeloos

I was born April 16th, 1949, in The Hague, The Netherlands. I grew up in the outskirts of an expanding town, with lots of opportunities to explore the polders and near-by coastal dunes. Already as a small child I got interested in nature, particularly botany, and started collecting and making a herbarium. At the age of eight, a piano came into my home, and I discovered the pleasure of playing music by myself. During high school, I had to decide whether to make a career out of music, or to become a botanist. Eventually I choose for the latter.

Education and career

In 1967 I started my biology education at Leiden University. Soon I came into contact with the Rijksherbarium, where I was trained as a mycologist by Kees Bas working on a revision of Marasmius in the Netherlands. I graduated in 1975 and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to start a PhD project on Entoloma. I got my PhD in 1981 on a dissertation on the taxonomy and geographic distribution of Entoloma sensu lato in Europe. From 1987-1991 is was head of the Mycology Department of the Plant Protection Service in Wageningen where I widened my scope with the interesting field of plant pathogenic fungi and their ecology. In 1991, I returned to the National Herbarium of he Netherlands (NHN). My main projects are:

  • Monographic and phylogenetic studies in Entolomataceae, including a forthcoming monograph of the Entolomataceae of Tasmania, together with Dr. Genevieve Gates (Hobart).
  • Flora agaricina neerlandica, a critical flora of Agarics and Boleti in the Netherlands.
  • Monographs of various white-spored genera in Europe together with Dr. Vladimir Antonín (Brno).
  • A full CV can be downloaded here
  • link to the NHN webpage

Epinyms and awards

Entoloma noordeloosii A. Hausknecht, Österreichiche Zeitschrift f. Pilzkunde 8: 149. 1999
Entoloma machieli A. De Meyer, Notable Macrofungi from Brazil’s Parana Pine Forests: 268. 2008

Clusius Prize of the Hungarian Mycological Society, 2009.


About twenty years ago I got a brochure prospect of a painting course being organized in a cultural centre in my hometown Gouda. I learned the principles of painting from Araun Gordijn, and concentrated on water-colour and oil. In the subsequent years I did summer courses in France, Germany, and Ireland, where I learned much from other teachers, and made some very good friends, who share this hobby with me. Slowly I am getting a grip on the techniques, and I try to develop my own style. I have a strong preference for landscape and architecture in my paintings, trying to combine a rather realistic approach with elements of alienation and phantasy. A couple of years ago I also started etching with Janni Hagoort: a completely new way of expression. I find the versatility and the surprising element of this graphic technique very inspiring.


Music plays an important role in my life: I could not do without it! Playing the piano gives much pleasure, especially when accompanying singers in songs and arias of the classic and romantic period. I have a wide interest in music, ranging from early baroque to present-day composers. Favorites are Bach, Schubert, and Messiaen, to mention only a few. Every Thursday evening I attend the rehearsals of the Residentie Bach Choir in The Hague under the inspiring leadership of Jos Vermunt. One of our main activities is formed by the monthly services in the Kloosterkerk, where the cantatas of J.S. Bach are performed. I sang many of these works in the past 25 years: a rich and inspiring experience. Besides these cantatas the choir regularly performs the larger works of Bach, with highlights like the Mass in b minor and the St Matthew and St John Passions. Other works of classical and romantic period are on the repertoire list.  See also the website of the residentie bachensembles.




Machiel painting machiel_painting

River landscape near Friedrichstadt, Germanytreene

Tidal flat near Husum, Germanyschobull

Abies forest in Newfoundland, Canadanewfoundland